Your Salesman in Print

Hi, it’s the killer Copywriter’s home you’ve reached!

It’s no accident that brought you here…it’s more a conviction that this Copywriter, this salesman in print, can help you sell your great stuff.

Cheers to the fact that you’ve realized that prospects can be influenced to buy, and here’s how I’ll do it;

  • Get prospects to believe you have the perfect solution to their need – others do to – but yours is even better
  • Transfer your belief in your product to your prospective customer – because belief drives desire
  • Help prospects visualize their desires – see how your stuff can really benefit them

All of the above is born of my natural ability to Empathize – a salesman’s weapon – which is to understand the other person’s underlying urges, and use that knowledge to the mutual advantage of both. Your prospect will want to buy and you will have a sale.

Remember, there is no sale if the outcome is not visualized by the prospect.

You need more convincing about why I claim to be able to sell with the printed word? Head over to my About page and read for yourself.


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