Recruitment and Permission Marketing

The Recruiter’s bane? Cold calling! 

Most of you want to ‘AVOID’ it and still have clients and candidates happy to hear from you.

Recourse To Permission Marketing

The type of marketing that makes your client or candidate happy and even eager to hear from you, is called permission marketing. 

Permission marketing executed by your Copywriter warms a prospect’s attitude towards you. The stranger barrier is removed and they get into receive mode.  

Grab my free report and you will never have to make a cold call again! 

The Copywriter Has Warmed Up Your List

 Online your prospects have lots of choice when it comes to searching for products and services. When they find you have what they need, they are prepared to allow you to market to them. Your Copywriter shows them through remarkable content that you care about their needs, and have a solution to ease their pain.

 In short, your prospect has been warmed up to receive your calls!

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